Hello! I'm Joe, I’ll be your real estate photographer, and I'm here to make your home shine like never before!

Why Professional Photos Matter:


With more buyers starting their home search online, captivating photos have never been more crucial. Clean, bright photos of your home make all the difference, attracting more buyers and leading to quicker more profitable sales.



What I Offer:


I specialize in capturing the heart of your home, from its cozy corners to its grand spaces. With a wide range of services and the quickest turn around in the Hudson Valley, I’ll ensure every angle is covered.

Thank you for letting me help during this exciting journey. I’m looking forward to meeting you and working with you!


• Move the vehicles from the driveaway and away from the front of the house


• Hide trash cans, shovels, lawn equipment, and toys


• Remove empty planters


• Depending on the season, mow your lawn, rake the leaves, or clear your driveway/walkway of snow


• Tidy up the yard and landscaping by organizing furniture, covering the grill, and sweeping the deck


• Pressure wash the siding or driveway if necessary


• Clean windows


• Sweep cobwebs from eaves and door frames


• Close garage doors

• Open blinds/ shades to brighten the room

• Replace any burnt out light bulbs

• Declutter as much as possible (limit countertops and surfaces to no more than 3 items)

• Put away shoes, jackets, pet bowls, and personal items

• Consider taking down personal photos and unnecessary decor

• Turn off TV’s, computers, fans, and be sure to hide wires/plugs

• Roll up welcome mats and rugs to show flooring and help make your space feel bigger

• Close closet doors

• Thoroughly clean and clear countertops


• Remove magnets + clutter from the outside of the refrigerator


• Hide garbage and recycling cans in a pantry or closet


• Clean the sink and store dirty dishes in the dishwasher

• Clear, dust, and polish the tabletop


• Straighten and evenly space dining chairs


• Place fresh flowers or a centerpiece on the table

• Remove stacks of books, magazines, papers, important documents


• Declutter mantle/coffee table


• Fluff and arrange pillows on furniture


• Remove toys, laptops, and personal items

• Make all of the beds


• Iron bed linens


• Clean off nightstands and remove personal items, charging cables, and clutter


• Clean under the bed, and check the room from all angles to make sure that nothing is showing

• Clear the countertops and remove soap, toothbrushes, and other toiletries


• Close closet doors


• Clean the mirrors


• Remove items from the shower (shampoo, soap, etc.)


• Hang new, unused towels Put toilet seats down